Highland Laya Festival

Enticing Bhutan Highland Laya Festival ~ Bhutan
11 days 10 nights

"The Royal Highlander Festival" is held in the mountain town of Laya, one of the most beautiful regions in Bhutan. The festival was initiated to encourage and revive the age-old tradition of Yak-rearing tradition by the highlanders of Bhutan.

Your tour begins in the capital city of Thimphu, after your arrival at Paro Airport. On the journey to Laya by road, you will witness famous landmarks like the Buddha Dordenma, Dochula Pass and Tongchu Zam.

When you arrive at Laya, surrounded by the majestic snow clad Himalayan mountains, you may be reminded of the mythical story "Shangri La" - The Lost Horizon. To be so close to the sky, immersed in a culture that's steeped in tradition, words alone cannot describe it. Just like you and I, their hopes and dreams for a prosperous future drive their passion to live and enjoy a thorough and happy life – the foundation and feeling of Laya, Bhutan.

In recent years, Yak breeding has declined due to the increase in the other forms of economic activities. The initiative by the Royal Family to preserve the tradition, has provided the people with great hope and renewed vigor.

On this tour, you will see and hear from the people who continue the age-old practices of rearing the wool-covered beast of burden, and you will feel the energy of the timeless spirit of Bhutan.